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maxscale 2.0 bug fixes


Hi all

I see that MaxScale 2.0 will not be open source until 2009.01.01. I have some questions.

1) I expect next releases to fix bugs, including critical and security bugs. When will these versions be open source?
2) At some point MaxScale 2.0 will be open and 3.0 will be released but not open. When a software exists in both an open and a closed source, I expect the open form to be low-quality. This applies to all examples I can think of. I will feel a bit better if you could explain why you will maintain 2.0 for a reasonable number of years.
3) From my understanding part of MariaDB code belongs to Oracle, thus cannot be closed-sourced by you. But what about connectors and some storage engines? Do you plan to change their license?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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