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Re: maxscale 2.0 bug fixes


Hi, Federico!

On Aug 17, Federico Razzoli wrote:
> 2) At some point MaxScale 2.0 will be open and 3.0 will be released
> but not open. When a software exists in both an open and a closed
> source, I expect the open form to be low-quality. This applies to all
> examples I can think of. I will feel a bit better if you could explain
> why you will maintain 2.0 for a reasonable number of years.

I think the MariaDB Corporation would continue to maintain 2.0 for the
very same reason many other companies consider Open Source a good
business strategy - this is good for adoption. And it adds credibility
both to MariaDB Corporation and BSL in particular - which are valid
reasons too.

While I don't know what MariaDB Corporation will decide to do in two
years, I do believe there are direct business benefits in supporting
MariaDB MaxScale 2.0 for a reasonable number of years after it becomes

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