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Notes from the session MariaDB Foundation priorities



These notes were from the last session on Friday, 7 October, at the MariaDB Server Developers meeting in Amsterdam at the Booking.com office, headed by Eric Herman, Board Member of the MariaDB Foundation

# MariaDB Foundation priorities

## Goal: foster collaboration

1. Product should be called MariaDB Server (MariaDB is the company, since MariaDB Corporation owns the trademark)
	* needs some copyediting on the MariaDB Foundation website that needs editing

2. the MariaDB Foundation board majority shouldn't be from MariaDB Corporation. Expect that to be fixed within a week, at least 50:50 -- Monty. Is there a community board member? Monty says Serg, but JF/Eric says this is a conflict of interest. Is there a path for community governance? Serg represents the developers. Board selects its own members, says Otto, and there can be a maximum of 10 board members. Now they will think about a community member.

3. The documentation is on mariadb.com (the The MariaDB Knowledge Base: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/). Monty says the documentation is going to stay on mariadb.com. It is a barrier to contribution, according to Eric. Serg says MariaDB Foundation finds this a priority and is working on it.

4. Twitter/FB accounts are owned by MariaDB Corporation - so there will be a new one created for the MariaDB Foundation / MariaDB Server. The Corporation is going to keep @mariadb

5. Jira says it's licensed to MariaDB Corporation.

## Goal: Priorities for code
1. Steward patches through the integration process
2. Personal engagement when it comes to you asking about patches, features, etc. in Jira or list
3. One MariaDB Server release a year, and Serg stewards that
4. The MariaDB Foundation does not do any paid for work!
5. Security, porting, and packaging is a priority of the MariaDB Foundation (e.g. getting the MariaDB Server to work with clang is important)

## Booking's goal: easy to upgrade/cross-grade between distributions of MySQL/MariaDB Server
* Eric says that interoperability is a big deal for Booking
* Monty says, all members in the MariaDB Foundation have different priorities, but if it's important for Booking, the MariaDB Foundation will focus on it. Maximum increased MariaDB Server usage - this means the mission statement suggests that there must be interoperability.
* JF says, Jira is not supported on MariaDB Server (certified with MySQL 5.6). Increasing adoption will happen if more applications can run with MariaDB Server.
* Monty says, MySQL 5.6, should be comparable to MariaDB Server 10.1. And for 10.2 it should be compatible with MySQL 5.7.

## Transparency
* Transparency during the development process and technical decision making - Vicentiu thinks we can do better, because a lot of decisions are happening on private channels
* The Oracle compat work, it is a project from MariaDB Corporation, and it will be donated to the MariaDB Foundation
* Vicentiu says that most of the talk about bugs happen on the MariaDB Corporation Slack channel. Serg says that no one would read them anyway. Monty agrees that having all discussions on server engineering should be on public IRC/lists. Increases transparency but maybe doesn't lower the barrier to participate, says Otto.
* (Contributor who’s name I didn’t catch) PostgreSQL does all their discussions on public mailing lists and it really helps.

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