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Re: Notes from the session MariaDB Foundation priorities


Thanks for sharing this. I think it was a productive session and hopes this
helps the Foundation grow.

One last question, is the information obtained from the pop-up form on
downloads.mariadb.org made available to all Foundation partners?

On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 4:44 AM, Colin Charles <byte@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi!
> These notes were from the last session on Friday, 7 October, at the
> MariaDB Server Developers meeting in Amsterdam at the Booking.com office,
> headed by Eric Herman, Board Member of the MariaDB Foundation
> # MariaDB Foundation priorities
> ## Goal: foster collaboration
> 1. Product should be called MariaDB Server (MariaDB is the company, since
> MariaDB Corporation owns the trademark)
>         * needs some copyediting on the MariaDB Foundation website that
> needs editing
> 2. the MariaDB Foundation board majority shouldn't be from MariaDB
> Corporation. Expect that to be fixed within a week, at least 50:50 --
> Monty. Is there a community board member? Monty says Serg, but JF/Eric says
> this is a conflict of interest. Is there a path for community governance?
> Serg represents the developers. Board selects its own members, says Otto,
> and there can be a maximum of 10 board members. Now they will think about a
> community member.
> 3. The documentation is on mariadb.com (the The MariaDB Knowledge Base:
> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/). Monty says the documentation is going to
> stay on mariadb.com. It is a barrier to contribution, according to Eric.
> Serg says MariaDB Foundation finds this a priority and is working on it.
> 4. Twitter/FB accounts are owned by MariaDB Corporation - so there will be
> a new one created for the MariaDB Foundation / MariaDB Server. The
> Corporation is going to keep @mariadb
> 5. Jira says it's licensed to MariaDB Corporation.
> ## Goal: Priorities for code
> 1. Steward patches through the integration process
> 2. Personal engagement when it comes to you asking about patches,
> features, etc. in Jira or list
> 3. One MariaDB Server release a year, and Serg stewards that
> 4. The MariaDB Foundation does not do any paid for work!
> 5. Security, porting, and packaging is a priority of the MariaDB
> Foundation (e.g. getting the MariaDB Server to work with clang is important)
> ## Booking's goal: easy to upgrade/cross-grade between distributions of
> MySQL/MariaDB Server
> * Eric says that interoperability is a big deal for Booking
> * Monty says, all members in the MariaDB Foundation have different
> priorities, but if it's important for Booking, the MariaDB Foundation will
> focus on it. Maximum increased MariaDB Server usage - this means the
> mission statement suggests that there must be interoperability.
> * JF says, Jira is not supported on MariaDB Server (certified with MySQL
> 5.6). Increasing adoption will happen if more applications can run with
> MariaDB Server.
> * Monty says, MySQL 5.6, should be comparable to MariaDB Server 10.1. And
> for 10.2 it should be compatible with MySQL 5.7.
> ## Transparency
> * Transparency during the development process and technical decision
> making - Vicentiu thinks we can do better, because a lot of decisions are
> happening on private channels
> * The Oracle compat work, it is a project from MariaDB Corporation, and it
> will be donated to the MariaDB Foundation
> * Vicentiu says that most of the talk about bugs happen on the MariaDB
> Corporation Slack channel. Serg says that no one would read them anyway.
> Monty agrees that having all discussions on server engineering should be on
> public IRC/lists. Increases transparency but maybe doesn't lower the
> barrier to participate, says Otto.
> * (Contributor who’s name I didn’t catch) PostgreSQL does all their
> discussions on public mailing lists and it really helps.
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