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Re: Download speeds on archive.mariadb.org


Hi, Guillaume!

On Nov 12, Guillaume Lefranc wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Download speeds on archive.mariadb.org have reached an abysmal level -
> 6kb/s today. Honestly, what is the foundation waiting for to solve
> this issue that has been lasting for years? I am ready to donate
> server space and bandwidth myself if needed.

It's an archive of historical versions, it's big, not suposed to be used
often and it's intentionally bandwidth limited (as far as I can see in

It has a miror, which is much faster (at least, for me, I've just
tried), why wouldn't you use that?

There's only one mirror, because the archive is big (1.2T as of today) -
we've had to create archive.mariadb.org specifically because our normal
mirrors grew up too large and mirror hosters asked us to reduce the size

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