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Re: Multiple Mariadb 10.1 instances on Centos 7


> just write your systemd-units below /etc/systemd/system/ and you are done - you don't need @.service for that at all
> the location in the samples below is /usr/lib/systemd becaus ewe shp both with our own rpm-build....
> _________________________________________________

Ok, similar to what we used to do on 5.5. Seems like the multi instance would have been ok, but, we don’t have it so be it. I see nothing wrong with this method you suggest. 

The only thing missing is the wait files. I don’t have those either on Centos 7. 

ExecStartPost=/usr/libexec/mysqld-wait-ready $MAINPID

That and galera recovery which was in the original script that comes in the mariadb repository, I suppose that’s not relevant for us at this time since we don’t use galera. 

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