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Re: Questions to temporary myisam table files


Hi Sergei,

thanks a lot for the fast answer.

>From time to time we see tablename.myd-date or tablename.myd.bak files where are these coming from?


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An: Hempel, Sebastian <Sebastian.Hempel@xxxxxxxxx>
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Betreff: Re: [Maria-discuss] Questions to temporary myisam table files

Hi, Hempel,!

On Mar 17, Hempel, Sebastian wrote:
> Hallo,
> there is a known issue with the repair table function (MDEV-5871, 
> MDEV-8475), which was fixed in MariaDB 10.  Which is fine, but we have 
> still MariaDB 5.5 server running.
> So we created our own repairtable function to work around this 
> problem.  For that function I like to know all possible file 
> extensions for temporary myisam table files.  For me temporary myisam 
> table files are these files which are generated when calling "check 
> table", "repair table" or other database functions.

That's what I'm getting:

$ grep -ho '"\.[A-Z]\+"' -rI storage/myisam|sort -u ".MYD"

The first two are for normal tables, the other three must be used for temporary tables.

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