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Re: MySQL Workbench Fork?


Looks like a lot of people want to use GUIs. Which is absolutely legit, but  frankly, I don't agree that any database GUI should be considered enterprise software.

Selecting checkboxes and selecting from drop-down menus is much slower, and much more error-prone, than writing SQL queries. I recognize that they allow you to avoid learning ALTER TABLE syntax, which potentially turns a person with no specific skill into a database architect. Is this an enterprise feature?

Also, you never really know what you are doing. Some examples?
* You read the database size. Where did the GUI read this value? I want to see system tables and file sizes, not values with vague names.
* Ok, you just issued an SQL statement. But first, the GUI transparently ran tons of SET statements. What you did is what you wanted to do, or is it the random result of GUI's authors overactive creativity? :)

Please, don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that GUIs are useless or badly designed. But I wouldn't call them enterprise software, and I would not suggest them in a professional environment.


Gio 20/4/17,  <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

 Oggetto: Re: [Maria-discuss] MySQL Workbench Fork?
 A: maria-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Zach Lym" <zachlym@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Data: Giovedì 20 Aprile 2017, 21:51
 Totally agree. It's an necessary part for us. So
 many features missing. Tired of their warning too about
 Steve Fatula
 On Apr 20, 2017, 2:13 PM -0500, Zach Lym
 <zachlym@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, wrote:
 I convinced my boss to use MariaDB
 for a new project but it appears
 that the workbench is incompatible with new features of
 MariaDB. I've
 looked at the alternatives listed on the website, but they
 are all
 either proprietary or Windows only. I just can't sell my
 boss on
 switching to MariaDB without workbench.
 Free software isn't free, but I think Workbench is a big
 driver of
 commercial and enterprise use. It's easy to kvetch from
 the outside,
 but I feel as though MariaDB has just lost some ground.
 Has management considered forking Workbench?
 Thank you,
 -Zach Lym
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