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userstats Denied_connections


Hello All,

I've been using the userstats plugin do debug an application issue and I think there's a bug in the collection of statistics, or at least a case of bad wording...


DENIED_CONNECTIONS - The number of connections denied to this user.
ACCESS_DENIED - The number of times this user's connections issued commands that were denied.

A application user was displaying very high "DENIED_CONNECTION" values. This sent us in the direction a bad password was being supplied. Long story short it actually turns out that a series of ALTER TABLE statements were failing, because the application does not have permission to do so.

During one our tests DENIED_CONNECTION was 5397 and ACCESS_DENIED was 0. We can see the ALTER TABLE statement failing and DENIED_CONNECTION being incremented quickly. According to the documentation shouldn't this ACCESS_DENIED (which I think might be better named COMMAND_DENIED?).



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