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Can't open shared library '/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_socket.so'


Hi folks,

I did a routine reboot on one of my database nodes and it was unable to start up wsrep afterwards. I'm running MariaDB 10.1.24 with Galera 25.3.20 on CentOS 7.3.1611 (latest).

Jul 03 09:53:07 db2.example.com sh[14400]: WSREP: Failed to start mysqld for wsrep recovery: '2017-07-03 9:50:49 139825954236672 [ERROR] Can't open shared library '/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_socket.so' (errno: 0, cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) Jul 03 09:53:07 db2.example.com sh[14400]: 2017-07-03 9:50:49 139825954236672 [ERROR] Couldn't load plugins from 'auth_socket.so'.

It fails to find auth_socket.so, but when I check in yum what provides that file, only MariaDB 5.5 from the CentOS repo has it, but not MariaDB 10.1 from the MariaDB repo. I read in the notes that auth_socket is deprecated and going in 10.2. My config file specifies 'loose-plugin-load=auth_socket'. If I just remove this line, will it work? Will it break wsrep?

Can someone explain this to me? Right now I am nervous because if the other nodes also can't start up wsrep after rebooting then I will lose my cluster. I'm looking for ways to resolve the problem and get the node back online. I'm happy to upgrade to 10.2 if necessary.


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