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Re: Broken MariaDB client ARGGG!!!


Am 04.07.2017 um 19:08 schrieb Jon Foster:
Thanks for the heads up about Deb9. I hadn't seen that yet. Moving to Devuan myself.

But all this talk about PHP is off topic. Its just one example. I guess I'll take these comments to mean that the official stance on binary backwards compatibility is that there is less then 0 concern. So I should expect that all compiled software will need to be patched and recompiled potentially with each point release. This is a surprise.

how is that a surprise?

Oracle even did manage it two times that they broke ABI compatibility without a soname bump and than *after* the GA release they introduced the soname bump

that's what point releases are for

but i find that whole rename to libmariadb commplete nonsense because the whole world needs to make a dance around this in tons of projects while a smart transition would have provided a compatibilit layer so that a simple re-compile is enough