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Galera cluster for databases replication over three servers



I'm setting up a new mail infrastructure withe 3 servers running Debian
Jessie, data can be read or write from these 3 servers at any time.
I chosed Galera with with MariaDB 10.2 to share databases between
servers for services like AMAVIS, dovecot, ...
I had a lot of errors in my logs (almost each time a service access to
a DB), for example:

Jul 11 07:00:01 mail mysqld[1302]: 2017-07-11  7:00:01 140256990783232 [Warning] Aborted connection 14812 to db: 'sogo' user: 'sogo' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)
Jul 11 10:15:17 mailfilter mysqld[3714]: 2017-07-11 10:15:17 139644624377600 [Warning] Aborted connection 399 to db: 'amavisd' user: 'amavisd' host: 'localhost' (Got timeout reading communication packets)

I wonder if in this case Galera is a good choice for databases replication and if there is a way to avoid this kind of errors.

Martin LEUSCH <martin.leusch@xxxxxxxxx>