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Am 13.07.2017 um 21:08 schrieb Vladislav Vaintroub:

On 13.07.2017 20:44, Reindl Harald wrote:
previously i had -DWITH_SYSTEMD=OFF and while trying to switch to Type=notify i switched that to -DWITH_SYSTEMD=ON - well, nothing mentions systemd (yes, systemd-devel is installed)

remove the option completly and oh look:
-- Looking for include file systemd/sd-daemon.h
-- Looking for include file systemd/sd-daemon.h - found

did i say that cmake is a bunch of crap already?

a sane buildsystem won't need ON/OFF at all with params started by "WITH" or "WITHOUT".... like the old ./configure where on some projects like PHP you just start with --dsiable-all followed by --enable-x, --enable-y and all is fine and clear

I probably should not have named parameters WITH or WITHOUT when I converted build system to cmake. I freely admit this is a mistake, but had a tactical advantage , at least at earlier stages of cmake introduction, to have high level consistency with the old ./configure, in how old parameters were translated to cmake's.

As for extraneous checks for headers, there were tons of unnecessary checks in ./configure, or megatons even.Nobody cared is there is one more check for a header or less, even in the old "good" times

that both exists is not the problem but that we have ON/OFF, YES/NO, 0/1 and sometimes works EITH, sometimes WITHOUT with one of the 3 types is a joke and finally:


ENABLED/ENABLE - are you kidding (ENABLE cobined with OFF completly ignored in taht case)?

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