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Contributing my ideas with Mariadb


Respected Sir/Mam

Hello, Myself Rajat from India. I wanted to contribute/work with Mariadb.

As we know that Mariadb dosen’t have cascade truncate function available yet, so I want to contribute to Mariadb towards this topic.
My topic is “Cascade Truncate”.

Since we can’t truncate the parent table unless the referential integrity constraints are present in the child table also. Hence, we can do a way that we can provide a command that truncate the child table as well.

This enhancement is already provided in the Oracle Database in their 12c Version, by using the truncate cascade command.

It is better to truncate the child table at the time when we want to truncate our parent table.

As we know that we have already on Delete Cascade command available, but that command works only row by row and not for all rows at one time.
   So, at one time if we want to truncate our whole table then Cascade Truncate is a better Option.

That’s all about my proposal. If you like my proposal, then let me know about about it.

I am very eager to contribute for you. I also forked and downloaded on my local machine, the file of Maraidb which is available on Github,  and currently I am reading/understanding all the patches, but I am confused with only 1 thing that from where should I start.

So, if you like proposal then let me know about it and please guide me that from where should I start contributing for it.

My skills: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL
Achievement: Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer SE 7.

By  contributing for you I will definitely learn many new things and implement my ideas, while working with you. 

Hope I could be of any help for you.

Your sincerely

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