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Aria_pack error


Good afternoon,

     I am currently working on MariaDB version 10.1.26-MariaDB-1~yakkety
running on Ubuntu 16.10 and have encountered an error whilst using

    The process used to generate the tables is as follows:

1) create table SQL script
2) shutdown MariaDB (systemctl shutdown mariadb.service)
3 )Disable indexes to speedup loading
        $ aria_chk --keys-used=0 -rq /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term
        - recovering (with keycache) Aria-table '/var/lib/mysql/mygo/term'
        Data records: 0
        Table: /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term doesn't have an auto increment key

        State updated
4) startup MariaDB (systemctl start mariadb.service)
5) load data
        $ mysqlimport -u penzk001 --password=penzk100  -L mygo term.txt
        mygo.term: Records: 46032  Deleted: 0  Skipped: 0  Warnings: 0
6) shutdown mariadb (systemctl shutdown mariadb.service)
7) Check table
        $ aria_chk /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term
        Checking Aria file: /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term
        Data records:   46032   Deleted blocks:       0
        - check file-size
        - check key delete-chain
        - check index reference
        - check record links
        State update
8) Compress table
        $ aria_pack /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term
        Compressing /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term.MAD: (46032 records)
        - Calculating statistics
        - Compressing file
        Segmentation fault (core dumped)

When I run steps 1, 5 and 8 I get the following error message:
        $ aria_pack /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term
        /var/lib/mysql/mygo/term gave error 132 on open

Am I doing something wrong? Any pointers what I can check?