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Re: New testsuite option


Hi, Michal!

On Jul 17, Michal Schorm wrote:
> Hello,
> I take care of MariaDB in Fedora & RHEL.
> We run the testsuite there. Every time, in every build, with --big-test.
> Time to time it happens that some of the tests fail. For example during a
> rebuild.
> For such cases, I'd use a way to tell MTR what is a unstable test treshold,
> which means "how many tests can fail to still count the testsuite run as a
> success".
> Most likely, I'd use it with value from 1-5. Any larger group of failing
> tests needs to get my attention.
> Anyway I still could spare myself of the unstable tests.
> --
> (Asking before filling any JIRA feature request)
> 1) Is there already some way to do that?
> 2) Do you find such feature usefull?
> 3) Any ideas how to call such option?
> --max-test-fail is already used

What if we just make mtr to do `exit 2` if it exists because of --max-test-fail ?

Then you'll be able to do, say

  ./mtr --max-test-fail=5; test $? le 2

This is something that might (perhaps) have other use cases too.

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