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Re: community contribution measurement page


Hi, Daniel!

Wow, this is very informative. Thanks a lot!

It's nice to see how "First PR response" time got improved (in 2015?)
after Svoj started handling PRs.

Recent increase in PRs can, perhaps, be partially attributed to Tempesta
and Codership? And, perhaps, partially because we're getting more PRs
now and need to change internal procedures to be able to cope with them?

I don't understand the "PRs open and closed this month" chart, number of
"opened PRs" seems to be always less than the number of "closed PRs",
how is this possible?

We seem to be accepting about 60% of all PRs? It looks like since 2016
we accept a bit more than a half. I think it's a pretty good ratio,
meaning we must have rather smart contributors who create really good
pull requests :)

On Jul 22, Daniel Black wrote:
> Folks,
> I've prepared a community contribution measurement page:
> http://measure-mariadb.ozlabs.org/repo/mariadb/server-outside-org.html
> This is largely the code base of https://github.com/MeasureOSS/Measure
> known errors:
> * I've yet to create the organisation aspects of this site.
> * some top page may be distorted by non-mariadb respositories
> Insights and suggested improvements welcome (especially with code) :-)
Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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