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adding syslog crashes container


hi I am trying to get Mariadb to log to syslog - this is for log
consolidation etc. I am using Maria in a docker container from docker hub.
Other things from the container are successfully logging to syslog on my
logging server but Maria isn't.

If I add the word 'syslog' to a [mysqld_safe] section the configuration is
not read (as reported by mysqld --print-defaults). The container init
script calls mysqld rather than mysqld_safe

If I change the init script to call mysqld_safe instead of mysqld, syslog
is set as reported by --print-defaults however the container continually
crashes after restart.

If I add the word 'syslog' to [mysqld] the configuration is read however
after restart, mariadb continually crashes - at least the container does.

I have checked for log-error statements, when checking global vars
log_error  is empty and it is not reported on the print-defaults output. If
I setup to log to a file, this works fine.

The container is running Ubuntu 18.04

Mariadb version is 10.3.10

rsyslog version is kinetic 8.32.0

Not sure what you want to see to help me, advise and I will do my best to
give it to you.

Cheers paul

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