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Re: Post-MySQL(5.6) to MariaDB migration question - why are master_info_repository=TABLE and relay_log_info_repository=TABLE not supported?


Artem Russakovskii <archon810@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thank you for the explanation. Helpful. I'm guessing once all slaves and
> then the master are converted to mariadb, global transaction IDs are going
> to start getting used (or maybe I'll need to tweak some variables). Because
> right now it's empty on the one slave I converted.

The first time the mariadb slave connects to the migrated mariadb master,
the slave obtains the GTID corresponding to the current position. Then you
can switch the slave to use GTID for future connections:

  CHANGE MASTER TO master_use_gtid=slave_pos

 - Kristian.