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Re: “system user” in SHOW PROCESSLIST


Hi, Rhys, Felipe,

It's not reserved in any way.

If you create a user named "system user", you'll see yet another "system
user" row in the SHOW PROCESSLIST, but with non-empty host. That's all.

On Feb 15, Rhys.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The "system user" identifies internal tasks spawned by the server. See here...
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10330159/mysql-system-user
> Never tried to create a user called this so no idea if it's
> reserved... but not really a good idea anyway.
> Rhys
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> Subject: [Maria-discuss] “system user” in SHOW PROCESSLIST
> Hi all,
> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/show-processlist/
> ^^ The above doesn’t describe “system user” in the result of SHOW
> PROCESSLIST, but that’s what I observe in 10.2.21.
> What is the meaning of “system user” in the output of this command? Is
> there a list of these “special” values for the User column? Are these
> reserved names (i.e., no DB user should be named “system user”)?
> Thank you!

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