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Re: how to file a problem / bug ?


Innodb indexes FK's automatically. You don't want to drop these indexes.

From your log it looks like something went wrong with one of these index drops. You could look inside the frm file to see if one of the old ones is still define. 

You probably want to restore form backups or look at innodb_force_recovery.


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Hi Markus,

as I wrote before, I wasn't sure if this list was the right place. So I didn't want to go into more details first.

What I did:

  * A relatively simple table, 5 columns, col1...col4 unsingned integers
    (medium and tiny), col5 decimal
  * col1...col4 together form the primary key
  * besides this, col2...col4 have foreign key constraint pointing to 3
    other tables

First I had 4 indexes

  * primary (col1,col2,col3,col4)
  * col2_Idx (col2)
  * col3_Idx (col3)
  * col4_Idx (col4)

and the 3 foreign key constraints.

Some weeks ago I wondered if the 3 indexes for col2...col4 are necessary at all, because this 3 columns are allready part of the primary key.
So I thought "just try" and simply DROPed them. The server did not complain and the table still "worked" as before for some weeks now.

Yesterday evenenig I added a 6th column (of type decimal) to the table. 
Still everything was fine. I inserted some records, everything ok.

Today I connected to the DB again (from a different machine). When I inserted the first record I saw that the 3 foreign key were gone. Now I guessed that there was a problem with the deleted indexes in the server by adding the 6th column. For a test I tried to recreate 1 of those indexes (for col2). There the server crashed. (See the log attached to this mail)


Am 14.03.19 12:24 schrieb Markus Mäkelä:
> Hi,
> If you're looking to report bugs, you can find the MariaDB Jira here: 
> https://jira.mariadb.org
> What sort of a problem did you encounter? It's possible that it's not 
> a bug so some more details would be good.
> Markus