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Re: OT Advice Sought: Migrating from to MySQL replication to Maria cluster


In general I advise avoiding all replication filtering where possible. For whatever advantage it supposedly gives it very often just causes other problems.

Checkout pt-table-checkum for verifying your slaves…


Also have a look at row-level replication and GTIDs. They will toughen up your repl setup.

MariaDB Tech Support https://mariadb.com/services/technical-support-services/

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Subject: [Maria-discuss] OT Advice Sought: Migrating from to MySQL replication to Maria cluster

Since 2001 I have been running MySQL for a database application that runs on a private LAN. There all only a few users but the data is important to me so I have had replication with a handful of slave servers -- I also backup daily with mysqldump. I recently found out that my slaves were broken -- in that not all update quieres replicate becuase I configured them wrong using replicate-ignore-db. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55151424/update-database-table-set-name-tesla-where-id-420-not-updating-on-slaves?noredirect=1#comment97043196_55151424 My master server is also pretty old and running an old version of MySQL. It is definitely time to upgrade.
My question is should I try to migrate to MariaDB replication or MariaDB/Galera Cluster? How much harder is configuring and maintaining a DB cluster vs replication? Does MariaDB have any paid support option where I can hire someone to help me set up a DB cluster?

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