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Re: mysqld --initialize


Hi, Sergey!

On Mar 22, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> Hi!
> Please accept my vote against this feature. I don't think mysqld
> should carry code that is otherwise only needed for initialisation.
> At the same time I'm not big fan of mysql_install_db. My preference is to
> have some C++ mariatool that would replace both mysql_install_db and
> mysqld_safe (and may be even more shell stuff).

Yes, one of the ideas was to let `mysqld --initialize` to invoke such a
tool as needed.

There are different problems that this could solve. mysql_install_db
being a shell script doesn't work on Windows. That's one. A C++ tool
will solve that. Another issue - a tool runs in a different environment
as compared to mysqld, that is, the tool isn't started by systemd, so
it'll miss, for example, UMASK, if it's set in the service file.
This could be solved by mysqld itself doing the initialization.
There may be other issues too.

Felipe, what are you trying to solve with mysqld --initialize?

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