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Re: mariadb 10.3.15 doesn't work


 > It's also a bit scary that some people use this in production without testing. If
> there is really a simple way of getting a server segfault, than this should have
> come up on the test (before going into production).

It doesn't happen like that in software development - there are usually no tests before a particular bug/problem arises. Once it happens one can hope somebody will write a test for that (and add it to some continuous test framework) so it doesn’t return in future.

If you are directing it towards end-users - you can go through changelogs of every MySQL (upstream) and Mariadb (downstream) release and you'll see that if not every then every second has a major bug like crash / dataloss / corruption and what not else. 
So you face the same scary choices when upgrading and when not. Asking for a user to test every aspect of a complicated piece of software as rdbm is a bit unrealistic.


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