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Re: Which binaries include support for compression zstd and lz4?



> Ubuntu 18.04, MariaDB 10.2.26 binaries support LZ4 and ZSTD (not final in rocksdb)

What do you mean by "not final in RocksDB"?

> Is there any way to tell which compression algos are supported by which releases on which distros?

Not at the moment. The page
lists what options in theory are available, but in reality it varies
on what was enabled in the build.

RocksDB compression in a separate thing, and documented at

In Debian.org (and Ubuntu) repositories you can find MariaDB 10.3
which supports both lz4 and zstd both in InnoDB and in RocksDB.

We have work in progress to upstream this support to the upstream
MariaDB 10.5 so that users would have the option to choose these
whenever they want. In fact, there has been a PR
(https://github.com/MariaDB/server/pull/1582) pending for some weeks
now but there is a shortage of manpower to review and test everything.

If your company Stockpulse.de has a support contract with MariaDB.com
I recommend you notify your contact person that this feature is
important for you.

- Otto