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MariaDbConnector 1.x -> 2.6, problem updating/inserting Torque objects


We are about to update MariaDbConnector from 1.x to 2.6. Having a lot of legacy code we (still) make use of Apache Torque  (and Village 1.5.3) "on top" of the connector.  Option(s) we had to activate so far was/is:

Updating/inserting (Torque objects) Records does not work anymore with the new connector. 

Debugging reveals that it is due to the resultSetConcurrency being CONCUR_READ_ONLY when trying to update/insert a Record. Torque seems to initially select the Record to be updated before effetively updating. Hence the Schema "attached" to the record has CONCUR_READ_ONLY
>record.schema().column(i).readOnly() // true ☹

I could patch org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.com.read.resultset. SelectResultSet# getMetaData to  return 
> new MariaDbResultSetMetaData(columnsInformation, options, forceAlias, false )
instead of
>new MariaDbResultSetMetaData(columnsInformation, options, forceAlias, true )
but that doesn't really feel "right" 😉 

I'd appreciate any hint/advice regarding this issue


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