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Re: MariaDbConnector 1.x -> 2.6, problem updating/inserting Torque objects


On 7/21/20 6:39 AM, Clemens Wyss - MySign AG wrote:

I could patch org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.com.read.resultset. SelectResultSet# getMetaData to  return
new MariaDbResultSetMetaData(columnsInformation, options, forceAlias, false )
instead of
new MariaDbResultSetMetaData(columnsInformation, options, forceAlias, true )
but that doesn't really feel "right" 😉

I agree, that doesn't feel "right" ... yet, a patch could be a reasonable short-term work-around, until a better solution becomes apparent.

I would recommend patching such that the boolean value is pulled from a configuration variable if present, otherwise defaults to the current value. In this way, your patch may even be something which you could contribute, as it may turn out to be useful for others.

Eric Herman
mobile:+31 620719662 skype:eric_herman jabber:eric.herman@xxxxxxxxx

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