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Test failures in my build of MariaDB 10.5.4


I am building MariaDB 10.5.4 from source with the cmake options shown below.  I am running mtr with --skip-test-list=unstable-tests, but still seeing multiple failures:

Failing test(s): csv.read_only main.flush_logs_not_windows main.mysqld--help perfschema.bad_option unit.conc_charset

I can copy and paste many sections of the stdout.log and specific files, but wanted to ask if this is the right forum to pursue these.  These seem pretty core (main.mysqld--help, which reported ‘mysqltest: Result length mismatch‘ after a small unified diff output showing only some numeric value differing), so I’m not sure why I would be getting these.

Thanks.  Guidance appreciated.

      - Chris

Cmake I used to build:


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