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Re: Test failures in my build of MariaDB 10.5.4


Hi, Chris!

Yes, it's the correct forum. maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
would be an even better match, but this is good enough, no need to

And, yes, please post relevant parts of the log, including diffs.

On Aug 06, Chris Ross (cross2) wrote:
> I am building MariaDB 10.5.4 from source with the cmake options shown
> below.  I am running mtr with --skip-test-list=unstable-tests, but
> still seeing multiple failures:
> Failing test(s): csv.read_only main.flush_logs_not_windows
> main.mysqld--help perfschema.bad_option unit.conc_charset
> I can copy and paste many sections of the stdout.log and specific
> files, but wanted to ask if this is the right forum to pursue these.
> These seem pretty core (main.mysqld--help, which reported ‘mysqltest:
> Result length mismatch‘ after a small unified diff output showing only
> some numeric value differing), so I’m not sure why I would be getting
> these.
> Thanks.  Guidance appreciated.
>       - Chris
> Cmake I used to build:

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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