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In memory DB, how to in MariaDB?


I have seen the next blog post which had a video at 2014:



The demo video was removed from YouTube for some reason but I had a copy of
it at:



I am not a MariaDB or MySQL or DB in general expert and was wondering if
there is something these days in MariaDB that can be used
in comparison to what Oracle DB demo shows?


I have used LevelDB as a backend in a customized DB and it worked very very
fast and it is great.
With batches it works even faster but in general it works faster then
standard MariaDB setups I have implemented.

So what are the options?

I have millions of values and I would like to be able to insert and select
as fast as possible on a single DB Server.

Currently I am using a Caching tier with a specific TTL to lower the stress
off the DB, but, is I possible to make the DB
Faster like maybe with some writeback (leaving aside fault tolerance for






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