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LevelDB and KV best performance


I have been using BDB and LevelDB and other KV embedded DB as an improvement for SquidGuard.
I have seen the next MDEV:
And was wondering what is the most recommended way to store a simple KV list in MaraiDB these days.
Currently MariaDB works fine for me but when I am comparing the performance of BDB to MariaDB even if am iterating
a full DB file 6 times to find out if 6 different Keys are present it seems like a simple embedded DB is faster then MariaDB.
I am not stating a fact since I don’t have the metrics but this is what it seems like.
The DB is mainly for READ so I was thinking about an option to use a master and READ ONLY slaves to speedup the DB.
The DB contains about 80 million rows so it’s not that big since the only thing I need is the KEY to match a category.
Currently I am using a simple InnoDB table and the buffers are maximized to the maximum that the machine can offer.
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