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What is the right way to update based on a DB change?


Hey Everybody,
I have the next scenario which I am not sure about the right way for a solution.
I have a radius server that authenticate clients from multiple WIFI Access Points.
I have couple systems and they need to know the current client login identifier (MAC or IP Address).
It is stored in the DB and the DB is being updated on every login.
I can try to give a static IP for every user and it will resolve this issue but there is an overhead for this.
So what I was thinking instead is to either run a query that will fetch the latest changes or use a trigger to update another table
which in turn will be read by an external software every 1-5 seconds.
I believe that the right solution is to use a trigger that will update another table with the details and on the other table I will have a
Processed column that will be updated when the software finished processing the row.
Then in turn every 24 hours I will run a DB cleanup cron.
I will try later on to share the schema.
Any advice is more than welcome.
Eliezer Croitoru
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