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Re: Code of Conduct


On Thursday 22 December 2022 at 13:27:00, Kristian Nielsen wrote:

> Andrew Hutchings <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Instead the intention is to discourage people from personal attacks at
> > each other, which negatively affects the group as a whole.
> It doesn't affect anyone at all except those that choose to read them and
> have nothing better to spend their time on than react to them and feed the
> trolls.
> The way to improve the mailing lists is to move the traffic from
> mariadb.com / mariadb.org internal mailing lists/private mail onto the
> public lists.

Is this not a public list?

I think I have worked who/what sparked off this decision to introduce a CofC - 
the reason I wasn't previously aware is because the person I now think has 
triggered this action has been on my "delete any email from / to / about this 
person" for some years, due to unpleasant interactions I have seen or been 
part of, on too many other lists.

I can certainly say that this person does not in the least bit hold back from 
expressing their opinions in public and having them archived for the Internet 
to read, so I don't see how switching anything to a more public forum (and I 
still question, is this list not already public enough?) would make any useful 


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