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Re: Code of Conduct


Hi Ruben,

On 21/12/2022 21:52, Ruben Safir wrote:
These things are just tools to kick people you don't like or agree with
out of your group.  It is facist and it is always applied in a facist
way every time without exception.  The circumvents independient thought,
due process, and encourage complaints and trolls.

We are not a government or political entity so "facist" might be the wrong word here. But I think I understand the general direction you are taking. And some can absolutely be used that way.

The intention is not to kick people we don't like or agree with. If you have ever seen a real-life discussion on implementing MariaDB Server feature you'll see many disagreements.

Instead the intention is to discourage people from personal attacks at each other, which negatively affects the group as a whole.

As mentioned in the blog post, if you have suggestions on ideas to make this better, please feel free to comment with them.

Kind Regards
Andrew (LinuxJedi) Hutchings
Chief Contributions Officer
MariaDB Foundation

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