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Checkpoint Age and Redo Log Flushing in 10.5+


Ever since 10.5, the redo log flushing seems to have become ... suboptimal.
It looks like the database does nothing at all to flush the logs until
it hits the hwm, and then it goes into overdrive and flushes
everything to tablespaces fast, before it goes back to doing nothing
until the log fills up.

This causes a problem when the redo log is already full and a large
burst of writes arrives because it overwhelms the redo log and causes
a stall.

Is there a bug fix for this or a configuration change available to
restore the old behaviour where everything gets flushed continuously
and switches up a gear when the hwm is reached?

Here are the screenshots comparing 10.5+ sawtooth pattern vs 10.4 and
older versions.

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