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Re: MariaDB 5.2.6 release preparations


Daniel Bartholomew <dbart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Any suggestions for how to phrase it? I've removed "all of the" from the
> phrase "including all of the upstream changes from MySQL 5.1.57/58", and
> I've removed the links to the MySQL changelogs, but it's possible people
> might still assume that everything from 5.1.57/58 was merged.

Yeah, it is not an easy job to write this up. I suggest just saying like it
is, eg. like this:

"MariaDB includes a merge from from MySQL 5.1 bazaar trunk. This merge does
not correspond to a particular version of MySQL, but includes part of MySQL
5.1.57 and part of 5.1.58. The actual revision merged is 

And hopefully the next merge will be made properly so we will not have stuff
like this.

 - Kristian.

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