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Re: [Maria-developers] MariaDB 5.2.6 release preparations


Hi Daniel

On 13/05/2011, at 12:05 AM, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
Ok, sorry about that. I saw the commit message "Merge with MySQL
5.1.57/58" from
and just assumed that it meant all of 5.1.57 and .58 were merged.

Any suggestions for how to phrase it? I've removed "all of the" from the phrase "including all of the upstream changes from MySQL 5.1.57/58", and I've removed the links to the MySQL changelogs, but it's possible people
might still assume that everything from 5.1.57/58 was merged.

Creating a list of each change that we actually pulled in seems like
overkill for a Release Notes page (it's supposed to just be the
abbreviated highlights of the release).

People must be able to assess what the version contains.
I've previously noted that an external reference is less than optimal, but is there a precise changelog of the MariaDB release that lists exactly which modifications were made (and as a matter of interest, which upstream version they came from, where relevant).

While I agree with you that the release notes don't necessarily have to contain everything, as that's what a changelog is for. However, the changelog should be there. So in a nutshell, I think the list of each change pulled *should* be made, the remaining issue being where to publish it - I'm fine with MariaDB release notes referring to MariaDB changelog for more detail.

Ref to a bzr branch merge is not sufficient, IMHO... it would put a lot of hassle on the shoulders of users and other parties (many of whom don't even have the expertise to assess the bzr log info to that extent) and that kind of stuff seriously hinders adoption - and it can even trigger people moving away.

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