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Re: Stub content on KB?


--- Lun 28/11/11, Peter Lavin <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

 defence of stubs, I don't think the 'MySQL User Guide' was very well 
promoted--it's hard to find, not immediately clear that contributions 
are welcome

I agree. I use MySQL and its site since 2001 I 
think, and never knew of that "user guide", or suspected that 
contributes on any part of the wiki are welcome.

But, I think that also AskMonty KB doesn't make it "immediatly clear":

* In the home page and in the sidebar, I can see no link like "How to 
contribute" ("about AM KB" is not in evidence, and it's not clear it's 
written for contributors)

* Categories don't have an "add page" link, nor articles have "edit" 
button visible to anyone (they could be disabled for non-registered 


Also, MySQL docs seem to strictly follow some (good) guidelines. AM KB 
doesn't: pages are written with different styles, some categories seem 
to be duplicated, and many articles are not listed in some related 
categories. A lack of guidelines does not encourage people who want to 
contrib with quality content.


I think that this is a problem for translations, too. I'm trying to 
write quality translations into italian, but I'm following my own style.
 What will happen when more italian users will add their own 
contributes? All italian translation projects I know have public 
guidelines, and lack of rules/help may lead to bad translations, in my 




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