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Re: Random Query Generator docs might disappear soon


Hi Daniel,

On 16.07.2012 17:11, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:

Elena: Beyond what is mentioned on this page:
http://kb.askmonty.org/en/rqg-extensions-for-mariadb-features/ , have
you or Philip made modifications to the RQG scripts which would require
changes to the documentation as it exists on MySQL Forge?

Yes, there is quite a lot of stuff in RQG developed by Philip or somebody else which was not documented on Forge last time I checked. I've made a few more modifications too, in addition to those described in the KB (only documented those which were more or less final). So if we have our version of documentation, it would be good to have access so I could keep adding to it when I encounter undocumented chunks; or I could send you my findings and you would publish them, whichever you prefer.

But the problem with my modifications is that they currently live in my work tree, I'm still not sure what is the right way to handle it. I see that Oracle guys do merges into the main RQG tree (not Philip), so I guess they kind of "own" it, and I don't know whether I should merge my changes, especially MariaDB-specific parts, into the same tree, or request them to decide whether they want them, or to keep a separate MariaDB tree. So far I've just been merging the main tree into mine, to avoid diversion, but not the other way round.

Any opinions would be appreciated.



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