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Re: Finding the right link to/from translated KB articles can be confusing



On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 4:59 AM, Ian Gilfillan <ian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 01/18/2015 01:08 AM, Jean Weisbuch wrote:
>> I translated an article that is on this untranslated category (
>> https://mariadb.com/kb/fr/mariadb/what-is-mariadb/) but i havent been
>> able to use the usual ways to put links to other translated KB articles
>> ("mariadb-vs-mysql-compatibility", "mariadb-vs-mysql-features" and
>> "source-getting-the-mariadb-source-code") where the usual links of the
>> form "fr/english-link" and "translated-link" doesnt works.
>> I had to put the full URL (excluding "https://mariadb.com/kb/fr/";) which
>> are "mariadb/la-compatibilite-entre-mariadb-et-mysql",
>> "mariadb/mariadb-vs-mysql-features/" and "mariadb/les-premiers-pas/
>> obtenir-installer-et-actualiser-mariadb/comment-
>> compiler-mariadb-a-partir-de-la-source/source-getting-the-
>> mariadb-source-code/".
>> Would it be possible to have by default links on translated articles to
>> point to translated articles (when available) when the "default" URL (using
>> the English KB page link without specifying the language) is used on the
>> code ; having to check and fix almost every links when doing a translation
>> is time consuming and could easily lead to mistakes.
> I've checked the page, and updated the links to work as expected. The one
> that didn't work was "source-getting-the-mariadb-source-code" and this is
> because an identical slug was used in English and in French (perhaps you
> first created the page in French with the English text), so when faced with
> the ambiguity, the English link was used. I've updated the primary slug in
> French to use the French text, and replaced the link with this.
> I agree that when there's two of the same slugs, the one chosen should be
> in the current language (or perhaps it should not be possible to duplicate
> slugs across languages). I thought it did work like this, so not sure if
> it's a regression, or perhaps has always worked this way. I'll suggest
> looking at this to Bryan.

This was a regression. I've made the fix in git but since I am about to get
on a plane I am going to hold off on deploying it. It should go live in the
next 24 hrs or so.

> --
>> Another small issue : The documentation about translating KB pages (
>> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/meta/translation-howto/) states that : "All
>> translated articles must be placed in a translated category. If the
>> translated parent does not exist, the article will be placed in the
>> grandparent or root category. Please take the time to translate the parent
>> category before translating any articles in that category.".
>> But if i try to translate a category such as https://mariadb.com/kb/en/
>> mariadb/faq/ i got an error message : "Sorry, you do not have permission
>> to create an article here."
> Agree, it doesn't make sense to have permission to create an article and
> not a category, I will suggest to Bryan that this is changed. In the
> meantime I've created the FAQ category at https://mariadb.com/kb/fr/
> mariadb/mariadb-faq-fr/
> Bryan or Daniel will need to give you permission to create categories, in
> the meantime if you need any created, send them through to me (or ping me
> on IRC greenman_ for a quicker response)
This was an error. I have enabled translation of categories for all users
as well as marked you as a translator which gives you a few more options
and lets you bypass captchas.  This should be live now. If you have any
problems, let me know.

Thank you for supporting MariaDB!


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