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MariaDB table and field comments - character limits



I've been learning SQL off/on for a while and have recently begun using MariaDB. While looking over the documentation, I found this page:


and noticed that it mentions the the limit for table comments is 60 characters. That surprised me, since I had recently learned that was the limit before MySQL 5.5.3. I didn't find mention of what the field comment length restrictions were.

Here are the comment length restrictions as I understand them:

Field comments

* 255 before before MySQL 5.5.3
* 1024 after MySQL 5.5.3

Table comments

* 60 characters before MySQL 5.5.3
* 2048 characters after MySQL 5.5.3

I took a basic test SQL file and ran it on these versions of MySQL and MariaDB (Windows):

* MariaDB 5.5.42
* MariaDB 10.0.17
* MySQL 5.5.42 (community edition)
* MySQL 5.6.23 (community edition)

and ended up with a test table and test field with max comment lengths of 2048 and 1024 characters respectively. Does the community maintain the KB article referenced earlier or does a member of the MariaDB team? Should I submit this as a bug report or is there a more appropriate action?


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