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Toward testnet1


Hi all,

I've just merged the last large chunk I had on my list before our first testnet, which was the handling of Merklish (MMR) trees to capture our chain state [1]. Before we can setup an actual testnet a lot remains to be done, mostly around testing and reviewing. I do *not* think we should do an actual release (I'm thinking git tag) for this first testnet as it's mostly for developers to play around and start exercising the code. The whole chain WILL BE ABANDONED (at the very least when we migrate from ECDSA to Schnorr sigs).

The different items I'm thinking about are:

- More testing, both unit tests that may be missing (I need some more for sum trees) and higher level integration. It'd be nice to expand on our simulnet to have a setup with a few miners and few transactors that can be run for some time.
- A first set of review and audits would be great, especially on core, chain and pool.
- A pass on the various consensus parameters to make sure they're sane enough.
- I'll send a separate email about fees later this week.
- Few items of cleanup like cargo fmt on everything (going to do that shortly) and triaging all the TODOs we have in the code.
- Some developer doc to explain how to download, compile, setup, run and test. Basic instructions to mine with big words to request the use of only minimal hardware (at least for any longer period of time).
- A developer focused website (I'm thinking green fixed-width over black) with the proper words or warning and links. Might be a good way to start testing some messaging too.

Anything I may have forgotten on the development side? Any additional item that requires more attention at this time?

- Igno

[1] https://github.com/ignopeverell/grin/pull/116/

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