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Podcast episode with John Tromp on Cuckoo Cycle Proof of Work


Hi everyone,

This is my first time contributing to the mailing list, though I have been
following the project for some months and am occasionally active in Gitter

I am the host of a podcast called "The Monero Monitor", and this week I
talked with John Tromp about the Cuckoo Cycle Proof of Work. Because of the
relevance of the episode to Grin, and with Ignotus Peverell's permission, I
am sending this note to you all in case anyone is interested in giving it a

John and I talk about a number of aspects of Cuckoo Cycle, including recent
advances in the speed of related mining software, implementation choices
when using Cuckoo Cycle, and the algorithm's ASIC resistance, among other
things. As you might imagine a show about a Proof of Work algorithm might
be, the discussion is decently technical, though it tried to target a wide
audience as well. I hope it might be interesting to some of you.

The episode can be found at


Mike / bigreddmachine