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Re: On block rewards


Have you thought about a "Budget Proposal" mechanism like Dash uses?

"Dash’s development funding model revolves around setting aside 10% of the
block reward to fund various projects. Unlike various other built-in
development funding models, Dash’s development team does not have any funds
guaranteed, but must submit a proposal (or several proposals) each month to
be voted on by the masternode network. This provides incentives to ensure
that the network approves of the work of the Core team."

Of course in that case it would be necessary to include the concept of
"masternodes". I personally like that model. At the same time that helps
with forks since the coin stakeholders (the masternodes) decide when to
apply some update which helps preventing hard forks.


On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 2:14 PM, John Tromp <john.tromp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > I'll compare with bitcoin which I guess most
> > people consider the "standard" supply schedule.
> >
> > If you run the numbers, assuming you acquired bitcoin at the end of the
> > first year, at the end of year 10 (which is coming fast) you will be
> diluted
> > by a factor of 6.5. Now with a flat coin supply, again assuming you
> acquired
> > grins after one year, the dilution factor is only 10. So compared to
> bitcoin
> > you're diluted only about 54% more.
> Another comparison point:
> Assuming that 2% of coins get lost every year, then it takes
> bitcoin 24 years, and grin 50 years to get to effective 0% inflation.
> So again not hugely different...
> -John
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