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Re: Less technical intro: Grin for bitcoiners



great explanation! I read the "bitcoiner" part too and I got a couple of

- First one is that as you state there are no addresses and for every input
(transaction) you receive you should keep the associated private key(3*H in
the example X = 113*G + 3*H). That means that to account and prove
ownership of your money you should keep a set of private keys. Am I
correct? If I am, is there a way to simplify the user the "trouble" of
having so many keys?

- Second one is related with privacy. Since one of the main pillars of the
MimbleWimble concept is that users not involved in a transaction will not
know what is the amount transacted I find confusing the "Putting it
together" point (
I say so since it affirms that a transaction includes the fee in clear. If
the fee value is (as it should be) in a directly proportional relationship
with the transacted amount, then anyone external to the transaction can
know the transacted amount.

Thank you for your help and congrats for the guide!

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