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Re: Communication channels


>The concepts of "get these subs in the hands of people we trust" and "ensure free speech" are in direct conflict with each other. 

I don’t see how these are in direct conflict with each other.  If everyone had an equal vote, then getting the subs in the hand of people who we trust wouldn’t be important.  However, by design Reddit requires the trust of a central authority so it is important we have the subs in the hand of people we trust.  While I agree with everyone that Reddit is not the best platform or a place for free speech, it does have a huge impact on the crypto community.  /r/Bitcoin alone has 400,000 readers who are impacted by the content they see on the sub.

>"Given how vitriolic the Bitcoin community is, I think we should also have a witchhunt against the moderators of r/bitcoin."

I agree that is a stupid thing to do.  However, it is important to reduce the moral hazard and power of any one individual in the community.  As it stands in Bitcoin one person controls all major public communication channels and has used this power to steer the public conversation to their desired outcome.  I don’t see why you would want a repeat of this with Grin.  I think it is important to try to have as many individuals in control of these assets as possible.  As well as people who can be trusted to uphold free speech.  As it stand having the moderator of sub that has been heavily censored as the only moderator of both of the /r/mimblewimble and /r/grin subs doesn’t seem like the best idea.

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