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Podcast on Mimblewimble with Andrew Poelstra


Hi everyone,

I'm sure that most people on this mailing list are already very aware of
many of the details around Mimblewimble, but I wanted to share a link to an
interview I just released on my podcast with Andrew Poelstra about MW. My
hope is that you all find it a good resource, not only for yourselves but
also to share with others interested in Mimblewimble.

The podcast (as well as a full transcript of the discussion) can be found

Over about 1 hr 9 min, we get into a lot of details about the protocol. We
cover privacy and scalability in MW at both a high level and in detail,
comparisons with privacy in Monero, real world logistics of using MW, how
Bulletproofs and ValueShuffle further enhance MW's scalability and privacy,
and more. At the end we touch briefly on things like Confidential Assets,
scriptless scripts, and Grin, but we ran out of time and will have to get
more into these (especially scriptless scripts) next time.

Hope you enjoy it!
Mike / bigreddmachine