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First development funding campaign


Hi all,

We need your help. The new funding page explains why and our values better than I could here, so please have a look:


Our first ask is for Yeastplume, who has been doing an outstanding job on the project for over 6 months now and has done so in addition of a $DAYJOB and a family. He's been the first to contribute large chunks of functionality, and his continued help has been invaluable. I'm looking forward to have more of him around.


This is our first try at fundraising and we also hope to learn from this experiment and improve. If this is successful, we do not expect to have additional campaigns for a few months, and neither I nor Antioch need money for the time being.

Please relay this far and wide to every individual or company you know that is interested in grin and could help us, either directly donating or helping with the fundraising. Thanks everyone for your help and if you can afford it, patronage!

- Igno

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