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Re: Third development funding campaign



I wanted to reiterate our ask for funds to help with yeastplume's campaign. He only has until the end of the month, which just leaves this week before he has to start looking for an employer. This would be a terrible loss for the project. So if you can, or know a company or investor who would be interested, pleas take a look again:


- Igno

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On August 20, 2018 2:52 PM, Ignotus Peverell <igno.peverell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> It's time for us to ask for your help again and request that you show your interest in this project by contributing some of the funds we need. Yeastplume has don a ton and is a great person all around, please help if you can:
> https://www.grin-forum.org/t/funding-campaign-yeastplume-oct-2018-to-feb-2019/677
> https://grin-tech.org/funding.html
> The next quarter is going to be very important for the future of grin, both in development and governance. We're shaping what mainnet is going to be like and how to support Grin for the long term and will need community support in doing so. Thanks in advance for all your help and contributions!
> - Igno

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