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Re: Grin's vulnerability disclosure and security process


Thanks a lot for reviewing the document and chiming in Ethan, it's very much appreciated.

> 1. On the page which advertises what researchers have found
> which vulnerabilities it might be helpful to also place a Grin
> address for members of the community to send funds to thank the
> researchers/encourage their continued analysis of Grin.

Yes, absolutely, great idea. We're currently discussing what sort of setup we should adopt to start accepting Grin donations later on.

> 2. It may make sense to have a page to thank researchers who
provided a serious security analysis of a Grin subsystem even if no
vulnerabilities were found.

We're touching on this a bit in the 2nd bullet point in "Code Reviews and Audit" but you're right, we should flesh that out some more.

We're also looking for advice on how to get started getting some of those serious security analysis before mainnet. Anything you (or someone else) would recommend?

- Igno

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On Tuesday, 11 September 2018 08:58, Ethan Heilman <ethan.r.heilman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Your feedback on the policy and how we can improve it would be extremely valuable.
> Very glad to see this, excellent work. I think Grin will act as an excellent model for similar projects.
> Two ideas I've been thinking about.
> 1. On the page which advertises what researchers have found which vulnerabilities it might be helpful to also place a Grin address for members of the community to send funds to thank the researchers/encourage their continued analysis of Grin.
> 2. It may make sense to have a page to thank researchers who provided a serious security analysis of a Grin subsystem even if no vulnerabilities were found. This would also have the benefit of making security research around Grin easier to find and encourages more researchers to participate.
> Thanks,
> Ethan
> On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 7:10 PM Ignotus Peverell <igno.peverell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We published a first version of our vulnerability disclosure and security process (also copied in full below for convenience):
>> https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/blob/master/SECURITY.md
>> I believe there are quite a few security researchers for whom I have a lot of respect on this list. Your feedback on the policy and how we can improve it would be extremely valuable. Thanks in advance for any help! I'm hoping we can set a good example and influence other projects to adopt a similar policy.
>> - Igno
>> P.S. Big thanks to Neha for her last post, it was timely and proved to be a very useful reference!
>> ---
>> # Grin's Security Process
>> Grin has a [code of conduct](CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md) and the handling of vulnerability disclosure is no exception. We are committed to conduct our security process in a professional and civil manner. Public shaming, under-reporting or misrepresentation of vulnerabilities will not be tolerated.
>> ## Responsible Disclosure
>> For all security related issues, Grin has two main points of contact:
>> * Daniel Lehnberg, daniel.lehnberg at protonmail.com
>> * Ignotus Peverell, igno.peverell at protonmail.net
>> Send all communications to both parties and expect a reply within 48h. Public keys can be found at the end of this document.
>> ## Vulnerability Handling
>> Upon reception of a vulnerability disclosure, the Grin team will:
>> * Reply within a 48h window.
>> * Within a week, a [CVVS v3](https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln-metrics/cvss/v3-calculator) severity score should be attributed.
>> * Keep communicating regularly about the state of a fix, especially for High or Critical severity vulnerabilities.
>> * Once a fix has been identified, agree on a timeline for release and public disclosure.
>> Releasing a fix should include the following steps:
>> * Creation of a CVE number for all Medium and above severity vulnerabilities.
>> * Notify all package maintainers or distributors.
>> * Inclusion of a vulnerability explanation, the CVE and the security researcher or team who found the vulnerability in release notes and project vulnerability list (link TBD).
>> * Publicize the vulnerability commensurately with severity and encourage fast upgrades (possibly with additional documentation to explain who is affected, the risks and what to do about it).
>> _Note: Before Grin mainnet is released, we will be taking some liberty in applying the above steps, notably in issuing a CVE and upgrades._
>> ## Recognition and Bug Bounties
>> As of this writing, Grin is a **traditional open source project** with limited to no direct funding. As such, we have little means with which to compensate  security researchers for their contributions. We recognize this is a shame and intend to do our best to still make these worth while by:
>> * Advertising the vulnerability, the researchers, or their team on a public page linked from our website, with a links of their choosing.
>> * Acting as reference whenever this is needed.
>> * Setting up retroactive bounties whenever possible.
>> It is our hope that after mainnet release, participants in the ecosystem will be willing to more widely donate to benefit the further development of Grin. When this is the case we will:
>> * Setup a bounty program.
>> * Decide on the amounts rewarded based on available funds and CVVS score.
>> ## Code Reviews and Audits
>> While we intend to undergo more formal audits before release, continued code reviews and audits are required for security. As such, we encourage interested security researchers to:
>> * Review our code, even if no contributions are planned.
>> * Publish their findings whichever way they choose, even if no particular bug or vulnerability was found. We can all learn from new sets of eyes and benefit from increased scrutiny.
>> * Audit the project publicly. While we may disagree with some small points of design or trade-offs, we will always do so respectfully.
>> ## Chain Splits
>> The Grin Team runs a chain split monitoring tool at (TBD). It is encouraged to monitor it regularly and setup alerts. In case of an accidental chain split:
>> * Exchanges and merchants should either cease operation or extend considerably confirmation delays.
>> * Miners and mining pools should immediately consult with Grin's development team on regular channels to diagnose the split and determine a course of events.
>> * In the likely event of an emergency software patch, all actors should upgrade as soon as possible.
>> ## Useful References
>> * [Reducing the Risks of Catastrophic Cryptocurrency Bugs](https://medium.com/mit-media-lab-digital-currency-initiative/reducing-the-risk-of-catastrophic-cryptocurrency-bugs-dcdd493c7569)
>> * [Security Process for Open Source Projects](https://alexgaynor.net/2013/oct/19/security-process-open-source-projects/)
>> * [Choose-Your-Own-Security-Disclosure-Adventure](http://hackingdistributed.com/2018/05/30/choose-your-own-security-disclosure-adventure/)
>> * [CVE HOWTO](https://github.com/RedHatProductSecurity/CVE-HOWTO)
>> * [National Vulnerability Database](https://nvd.nist.gov/)
>> ## Public Keys
>> ### Daniel Lehnberg
>>   ````
>> mQINBFuWAuMBEACqRebggT91uazP/jzmKOD/UyVwxaXBtEcWt1/hp9fi1azLxGBn
>> FVSihIM47oSLjb2K7spCL+ssLFw66QKq79xbXbdimn8cWvALIQJe7OQRs5YKibvD
>> wJ60WW8TR5oh0hAgcsKLfNjXjzBPmAu94CtEQXSXlsJQjsJzjRC8TdUBsRr4SmG9
>> N7BPdcm+BRkUVBUVNOZlwKA+bbEijUtzaBx40esAPlCWqnz7A7kGs0iwq9N5HLpC
>> T+S1eWKl28yv/BCQoIQI1FDF9GF4GtSjZ0ABsaQKKa61Wlj/s9/QMBjqpcZi5iIM
>> vn1kgvltMiU2qNEL6CZIMstA2KekgRkG3OEJc82StG41XD8w7mLBowXBKj4B6l9y
>> 78bWqBZNuORPJtR3P9JTlyHbXob5XATO93246EeFc98gWy8KaGVghtGeEMvf9JGK
>> z0zOLAzs48VkOkhfia5abV8UqI9WIy0m92S5TYmsCGOOHzOjwWCJwIgNXHmO2Owo
>> 7Vbb8UbGv8uWC+x678cDKYtaXmmoawBEd0nsb+qzb5FKKfy2CXyGczs0xRxspmTc
>> EevvJsRC+yT8UQw7lFj6TvnsPvtf6fATDcbNOtPkWTBJTKwn1q4yOX7WUwARAQAB
>> tDBEYW5pZWwgTGVobmJlcmcgPGRhbmllbC5sZWhuYmVyZ0Bwcm90b25tYWlsLmNv
>> xfFGT4DosjnJjK4ddcNulmcWoePykMP1X2n6gMjc/5B5p+ICbYz/yutIxCvjKVmS
>> isULnA2i3G3DQnbFsDfWUbarZWrsPCPCpl2Zq5VYylnU/9EAK4Ng8EyuShRpw30C
>> weXGkyBjPHjhKPrt3mJqloBn0PJq4KHGB/HCgYCG3mVwgMADoJWW5iMNjAmtk5db
>> BWzP8YOclJXq22JD49080PAGsx1pfi9M3mtTMuSfmWxUFUzrC2BOZVGxPBQqNL+Q
>> gns9Ot66V95BG+OJ7IFCfq+J97hE11xt4R4C4VBmQRmbRI7zkG9GbvzT5p0R6XTt
>> PmXIhtU5bzuzbJCQwGPBIsiyL6ZFEDanmRyYH6kI2SRPNyjRpq3VZuR2tSWx1094
>> Cp/cpq8IHv3vvnTlpsVyKPnkVA3Z+82ktndhZQxJ4tgEei9WZQ5+8y6zMSN0S1DW
>> ujaXbW07kef0InLQkpEXtz7iRwqQOiQj5ybD4+WtaoO5wztnZPX3bEWsFy+6l4ed
>> 6Jll/dBRfM/p8UNUemrpK7MgjlMo57baZKK41FtMjGSxN0q7LgPsYQeWuixMfKiu
>> aNCwEvhG5tJrElnw/a06uHbVRLc5eDKeya+TRnY70G1yuiBxFOXAjW+iIEVdBdvm
>> 5rQNC2uiqwExlk4/fe+EY1x5sKFuw/iYeT6oH6kYFsAi53m5pMmfN/nfZDODwZNU
>> 5QMzR0Gg0UcFLLuB0A7oQUPQALjLWjc37azuvQ1d0hW2+kINJpUFFuC94OOTvhCK
>> Vsk8FmeIOezIo4kJ0MGc0yF1lprI4n61T6TYT9/TTUuQba1C41PnUnsP7I2mqDSG
>> KK3wfr1si5hAObn2ypr9GjVjuHJOiQJOekaEL0MrjyKFoYOKpAQ4Ixm8mv1+4fE/
>> Zj4EAc/BOPFqLAHi/8K5HzX5ybhMKYVjhDPhW1Hr7peoM8jlW38GQWFytxIJOQHl
>> 2DW9vhFY4DCcJmDvdV/JVFhTgpdblW0ttiBLq3HT1+5fMGtuu0cj4cTvsk4qWfEP
>> cnbN4HnPM2UATpNl1/iNgI3OwQGKmMzLLcJbNgwGzVXyv4SY6KFrXQcXshxjDnKq
>> 4nVMvZTYX1h5dG++WIzjRsO2Pb8NsUrGUmTzarRuFFcLKJw3sEfnpuemytB7QBoK
>> 4PipVN7WnOPmc43Uckg23VioDOXyEAuW5NWmQf7YofLk52D1sThkTRdLVYkzAsPy
>> 9EMJGISSnaJ4aYYOHfj223ihJGM5nRoXgK2RDN6HH21sEHOnTWgszSuy3fVfW9zF
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>> ltFFbEMp8lfeiM1Ura5uKhDN2p3wi65IRnhR1I8L5h0YdY3wSPKpAI1/RicLZgLy
>> 6UoBMn9zNwCQ/6f4OVcTtVhwhn4OFU4NA+94Q02XrjxH9kLouBy/GUFhvFxkBKbY
>> wK+ELkpcuAbezhfoSSxRTf5nr2CGWx8KeS7Q6miYR4r/Az2vsQ611JZZl16OP124
>> Gbek/LMhk++RylExIkz3WX2skhjDlquvH9wN9bG1RtG7lUB/m6/edJhCTTtgB51/
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>> Yt4GsNSSB0khmbq31wIGbll/ZGsSH60h
>> =pLZJ
>> ````
>> ### Ignotus Peverell
>> ```
>> Gh8Ni/69EDfWJvE0Te6IJfsvtoRPPdsZrRqYiJUIEBmGRlOroSjMDgJnXWyjzWnO
>> AK4zOGfhjaFUaZFIyrZ4fHWln2CWWnj5QzzJ5TeYf04bIJB3/NVdgGFKDtkMkOpj
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>> J9bS6yqTXy8jZEP7k14ztcpzVaXdFGzMj3yAk6CXUXrxtJwGbkQjyOO5DaghiPZv
>> =xdp/
>> ```
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